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practice being rejected


Upcoming rejectionathons

Sat, 3/11/2017 - Buenos Aires, Argentina to bring a Rejectionathon to your city

What is rejectionathon?

Rejectionathon is a one-day event that helps founders gain confidence in selling.  At Rejectionathon, you’ll be given a list of challenges that will put you just slightly out of your comfort zone, and you’ll want to complete as many of them as you can with your team.  Challenges include tasks akin to what you might find on other “overcoming-rejection” sites such as: 

  • Ask a coffee shop for 10% off your order

  • Invite yourself to a BBQ

  • Buy a cheeseburger without the burger or the cheese from a fast food chain

None of the challenges are scandalous, but you will feel a bit uneasy - this is what you need to be able to get comfortable with in order to sell more important ideas / things in real life.  You’ll get points for each challenge you accomplish, and the team that earns the most points will win.  Here are some past challenges.

Other similar challenges to check out to prepare for this event: 

Why are you doing this?

                         When I started my adtech 

                         company LaunchBit I needed to

                         pick up the phone to sell ads.  But,                          for someone without a sales                                    background, this was SUPER SCARY.  I was afraid of rejection.   Over years, I built up my sales skills and actually became pretty decent at sales just through sheer experience.  

But after I sold LaunchBit, I began to think that it took me a LONG TIME not only to get good at sales but also to build up a thick skin in order to sell well.  There had to be better a way to practice getting rejected than spending years in a startup.  So, I started Rejectionathon to see if we can help people get over their fear of rejection and improve their sales skills.

-Elizabeth Yin, Founder of Rejectionathon & Partner at 500 Startups

Can I join your mission?

Yes!  We are always looking for volunteers to help us with spreading the word, day-of organization, and getting people pumped.  If we are coming to your city and you want to help, we'd love to hear from you.  

If we are not yet in your city and you want to apply to be a General Manager of your city, we'd also love to hear from you.  We are looking to help entrepreneurs globally, so there is no city too far or too small.

Email us at

will there be prizes?

Bravery and increased confidence are prizes in themselves.  But we may roast / poke fun at some of the teams at the closing party, though...

Can i come with a team?

Teams will consist of a maximum of 4 people and will be formed on the day-of.  We encourage people to register with friends but also work with new people.  

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